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Wadi is an Arabic word for VALLEY, and enchanted area of magical atmosphere and landscapes, where dawns and sunsets can have a totally new experience and meanings. Sunsets in Rum is a view that must be seen. At Wadi Rum feel the Romance of the Arabian Desert in the spring time or anytime.
Rum Valley is also called (The Moon Valley) with its moonlike shaped landscapes. The giant mountains rising up in the middle of pink colored sands. At the entrance of Rum Valley Visitors will watch the marvelous view of the desert Police, with their unique traditional beautiful uniforms, riding the camels (Ships of the Desert), with a unique beauty. Rum is one the world’s most virgin areas inhabited only by Bedouin tribes who can be viewed in the scattered nomadic camps around the area. Visitor may be invited to share mint tea or cardamom coffee in their black tents, or perhaps sitting by the fire under a starry desert sky. It will be a life time, unforgettable, experience.

Rum Visit: is conducted usually by 4X4 Jeeps, and it can be conducted on camel back as well. The regular trip is conducted for two hours jeep’s trip, but visitor have many choices to extend his trip for hours or even for days of Safari Trips, which will be a unique experience of Camping in Desert with many facilities provided, there are fixed camping site at the entrance of Rum Valley or visitor can hire a movable camp through the desert with a full experienced guide. Rum will always be a special place on earth for any traveler looking for genuine adventures lifetime experience.

WEST-EAST TRAVERSE OF JEBEL RUM, ASCENT VIA SABBAGH’S ROUTE, DESCENT VIA HAMMAD’S ROUTE, ABSEILING INTO WADI SHELAALI : this involves easy climbing (2/3) through marvelous scenery and with spectacular views across Wadi Rum. It really needs about eight hours, moving pretty fast; if you can take two days for it and sleep on the summit this is a great experience and a wonderful introduction to Wadi Rum.
JEBEL RUM EAST FACE. GOLDFINGER (3/4/5+/5), MUMKIN (5+/5/5+/5) AND INFERNO (5+/6B/5/5/6A):
These are three short climbs, close to the Rest House. They can each be done easily in half a day, choose the afternoon when they are in the shade. JEBEL RUM, THE DARK TOWER.
12 marvelous pitches, but the rock is not always trustworthy; it is ideal to get used to Rum sandstone and to test your route finding capabilities. A dissenting opinion has it that this is "not an interesting climb", let me know what you think.
JEBEL RUM, HAMMAD’S DOMES. THE PILLAR OF WISDOM (THROUGHOUT GRADE 4 AND 5 CLIMBING, EXCEPT FOR THE LAST PITCH 6B OR 6A A0): this starts off from the Rest House, and will take a full day. It is a very satisfying climb, but be careful about coming down again; the best way is to abseil by Hammad's route which isn't always easy to find. Don't get caught out by the sunset unless you had previously planned to sleep up there!
JEBEL RUM, RUM DOODLE (NOTHING OVER 5): in Wadi Shelaali, close to "Lawrence's Spring". An enjoyable climb up the front of two hidden pillars. Much appreciated by climbers. JEBEL UM EJIL. THE BEAUTY (5+/6A/5/5/5+): a very popular climb, in the famous Rakebat Canyon. Bolts and abseil points are already in place.
JEBEL NASSRANI, HIKERS' ROAD: with good rock and a fantastic view, this climb is highly recommended by Attayak Aouda as being entirely suitable for good medium grade climbers.
JEBEL BURDAH EAST FACE, ORANGE SUNSHINE: there are a number of variants to this original route, with names like "Tangerine Dream" or "Marmalade Skies". Good rock, nothing over grade 5.
JEBEL BARRAH NORTH FACE, HUNTER'S SLABS (GRADES 1 TO 4+ WITH A VARIANT AT 5+): a good, mostly "scrambling" route on pleasant slabs, no abseiling and no specialized equipment necessary.
JEBEL BARRAH EAST FACE, OCEAN SLABS: a popular climb, on the cliff opposite to Merlin's Wand at the northern entrance to the Barrah Canyon. The climb presents no particular difficulties, but the situation is impressive and is very exposed. There are three variants (Le Truand, La Brute and Le Bon) which, as their names suggest, are considerably more difficult (maximum of grade 6B for the first two, 6A for the third).
JEBEL SWEIBIT, THE HADJ: a great climb, mostly grades 4 and 5 with a stretch at 5+. The only problem with this is the distance, Jebel Sweibit is far to the south and a car to take you here would cost 60JD! (Mind you, the drive is magnificent....) This climb was featured in the BBC documentary and the subsequent video "The Face" which has contributed considerably to its popularity. Attayak Aouda enjoys climbing here and is planning on opening several new routes.

JEBEL RUM, ABU AINA TOWERS. LIONHEART (4/6A/6B/6A/6A/6B/6A/4): if you have a penchant for an impressive line and cracks, you will enjoy this "world classic", which offers the full range from finger crack to off-width. The belays are all bolted. Be careful, I have heard that the grading "reflects British understatement".
SOUTH BARRAH CANYON, MERLIN’S WAND/"SUPERCRACK OF RUM" (5+/6A/6A+/5+/5) - SEE PHOTO HIGHER UP - AND ENERVIT (7 PITCHES 5+, 6A AND 6B): a lasting climbing and desert experience, especially when combined with a camp in the beautiful Barragh Canyon. UM SWASSA (BEHIND JEBEL QATAR). SOUS LE SIGNE DU SCORPION MAXIMUM 6C/7A: This is a newish route with some bolts and all the belays in place. Excellent rock, and a challenge for the old hands in Rum.

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